straitjacket-oppai- and straitjacket-ear-

by Naoya Ishikawa


作品名 straitjacket-oppai- 、 straitjacket-ear-
素材 大理石、羊毛
価格 straitjacket-oppai- :50,000円(税抜)
straitjacket-ear- :18,000円(税抜)









Nationality : Japan

2012年 東京藝術大学美術研究科修士課程 彫刻専攻修了


How to enjoy my work



Title straitjacket-oppai- 、 straitjacket-ear-
Material Marble, Wool
Price straitjacket-oppai- :50,000JPY (Exc. tax) straitjacket-ear- :18,000JPY (Exc. tax)


Restriction and a Change in Appearance

Stone sculpture is one of the sculptures that unchangeable firmness and restriction would change into beauty with a sculptor’s impulse and work. I would like to create truly strong sculpture by creating the ideas of “restriction and release” and “change and constancy.” This time I was thinking over the idea of restriction and change in appearance because people actually can put on a sculpture.

Story of product

He is serious.

Chiseling marble is a technique of sculpture from ancient times, Michelangelo and Isamu Noguchi also chiseled marble. Ishikawa’s work with the theme “restriction” has an impression of wrapping with a something soft. He thought about what he can do for people who are unfamiliar with sculpture but can easily hold his big, heavy marble work. This sweater is the work through of his thoughts. His first impression was honestly this is nonsense and even anger. The breast is showing from an unraveled sweater. If you see it carefully, the sweater is made by an act of knitting that restricts a body, but a part of a body appears, and appears the moment that restriction is loosened.This work is made by mostly wool, but it is still a genuine sculpture. He was seriously thinking about this idea. What are you listening to with the marble ears grew from the woolen hat which is also restricting a head? Even you keep looking at this sweater, it would not lose interest.


Naoya Ishikawa

Nationality : Japan

2012 BFA in sculpture, Tokyo University of the Arts.
I create a stone sculpture. Stone as material is indispensable for me to express. And stone is the most helpful material in creating a shape. If there is a core in myself, it would be probably a stone.


How to enjoy my work

My concept is to inspire one’s intention for people who buy my work. I offer my work for whatever you would like to do, so you can decorate or wear it. If you wear it, it is absolutely cool.

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